We have used retail Nexus Plant Market (21' x 48') and

Polytex Kool Mart (20' x 30') greenhouses for sale.   

Nexus Plant Market - $3,000

Polytex Kool Mart - $1,500





The Nexus Plant Market has roll-up sides and the Polytex Kool Mart is a ground-to-ground quonset.







Both come with center and side display shelves but would not come with plastic.  Plastic would need to be purchased separately but is available through Poly-tex, and other greenhouse suppliers.  There are several different options for the greenhouse roof, including poly (in white or clear), double-poly, and polycarbonate.  We used a 1-year white, 5-mil poly and replaced it every year. 

If you will not be taking the house down each year, a better option for you might be the 4-year, white, 6-mil poly, and use it for multiple years.  The poly will last approximately 4 years if left on year-round and approximately 6-8 years if removed and stored after each spring. 






Feel free to call or text at 618-292-3008 if you have questions or for additional information.