We have used Portable Poly-tex Garden Mart greenhouse frames for sale for $2,500.  Estimated retail cost for these frames new is between $5,600 and $6,400. 

The frames are 21’ x 30’.






We have two types:  one type would have roll-up sides, the other would come with sliding side panels.







Both come with center and side display racks but would not come with plastic.  Plastic would need to be purchased separately but is available through Poly-tex.  There are several different options for the greenhouse roof, including poly (in white or clear), double-poly, and polycarbonate.  We used a 1-year white, 5-mil poly and replaced it every year. 

If you will not be taking the house down each year, a better option for you might be the 4-year, white, 6-mil poly, and use it for multiple years.  The poly will last approximately 4 years if left on year-round and approximately 6-8 years if removed and stored after each spring.  The cost of  this for the roof and end walls is about $271.50  If the house has roll-up sides, the cost of the  poly for that is about $66.65 for a 4-year, clear, 6-mil.






Feel free to give us a call at 618-829-3000 if you have questions or for additional information.